How About Kevin Millar?

One player who hasn’t gotten much play here at MLBTR is 36 year-old 1B/DH Kevin Millar.  He’s up to a solid .282/.399/.462 on the season, including a 1.063 OPS this month.  Millar might be one of the few players who exhibits a consistent second half trend.  He’s been significantly better after the break in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Millar has a mere $1.2MM left on his contract this year.  His $2.75MM option for ’08 becomes guaranteed with 475 plate appearances, and he’s on pace for about 500 right now.  He’ll probably pass the 130 game threshold, bringing his ’08 salary to $3.05MM.  Very affordable for solid production and clubhouse presence.

The Yankees would be a logical destination for Millar.  Sean Casey has come alive since a terrible April, so the Tigers probably wouldn’t be interested.  The Twins would be a fine fit at DH.  Angels or Mariners too.  Over in the NL Millar could help the Braves or Diamondbacks at first base. 

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