Jason Jennings And The Padres?

Here’s a connection to consider: Jason Jennings and the Padres.  The article is a few weeks old, but Kirk Bohls wrote that insiders say Jennings is hoping to be in San Diego next season.  Jennings seems like a tried and true Texas guy, but maybe he has a thing for the West Coast.

One could see the Padres snagging him this winter on one of those make-good, California discount type deals.  Kind of like the one Randy Wolf received from the Dodgers.  He’d also be a nice fit for the Padres right now, as they are said to be considering adding a starter. 

It’s tough to gauge Tim Purpura’s asking price for Jennings, as there haven’t really been any trade rumors.  It might be advantageous for the Astros to hold onto him and just collect some draft picks after the season.

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