Marlins Could Trade Scott Olsen

23 year-old southpaw Scott Olsen is very talented, but he’s earned a reputation as a bit of a hothead.  Take a look at his history: six incidents, including his Saturday arrest.  Performance is 99% of what matters in baseball, though, so Olsen would be very popular on the trade market.  Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post speculates that the Marlins could make a push to trade him.

The Marlins still need a center fielder, so that would figure to be the top target in an Olsen trade.  They had previously entertained sending Olsen to the Devil Rays for B.J. Upton or Joey Gathright.  The chance for Upton has passed, and Gathright is a Royal now.  I imagine the Royals would make the move in a heartbeat.

Here’s a scenario that might make sense for both teams: Olsen to the Diamondbacks for Chris Young.  Young should become a very solid center fielder, but he’s likely to be overtaken by Justin Upton in 2008.  The Diamondbacks have been said to be on the lookout for young pitching, and Olsen is perfect. 

The Marlins are kicking around moving Hanley Ramirez to center field next year, though that would just create a new hole at shortstop.   

Of course I have to make the obligatory Jarrod Saltalamacchia reference.  Olsen would be a fine addition to Atlanta’s staff, and the Marlins would replace Miguel Olivo as his salary starts to rise.

Can you think of any other reasonable scenarios? Leave ’em in the comments.

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