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Nationals Sign Belliard To Extension

More on this in a bit, but the Nationals have surprisingly locked in Ron Belliard through 2009.  He'll get $3.5MM over the two seasons, so you can't really complain about it.  Belliard hits for decent average, shows a little pop, and plays multiple positions.

Belliard will make $1.6MM in 2008 and $1.9MM in 2009.  Nice security for a guy nobody wanted last winter. 


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If nothing else, Belliard is a solid bench player that provides veteran leadership. Good for the Nats.

Ronnie's the kind of guy who can plug a hole when there is an injury and there is not a big drop off...there aren't many of those guys...Bowden is pretty good at picking guys of the scrap heap and making them useful

Is it possible that he going to turnaround and trade Juan Castro? Maybe to the white Sox? Ronnie isnat a bad starter and guzman healthy is a preety decent.

Eh I don't really like this move. He was a nice surprise this year, but he had some trade value. Now that a team would have to commit to him for the next 2 years, I don't see any interest in him.

I thought the reason "nobody wanted" Belliard was because he was too caught up in the legal issues surrounding an extortion case to properly sell himself.

This is a good move, making less than 2 mil for his production is solid. And like Tim said, its good to see the guy get a little security. He had a good run with STL and then no one wanted him....so I'm happy for the guy.

However, what trade value did he have? Who was going to give up ANYTHING of value for him?

Beats me. Just reiterating what I heard from one of the guys... Rosenthal, Olney, Gammons... I don't really remember. His name came up with Dmitri Young.

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