Next Stop For A-Rod?

Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News places odds on his eight most likely destinations for Alex Rodriguez in 2008.  In order of likelihood, McCarron names the Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox, Cubs, Mets, and Giants.  The latter two are seen as long shots by McCarron.

The first four picks seem reasonable.  I don’t agree with the Chicago teams at 8-1 odds though.  Kenny Williams is a bargain shopper; A-Rod’s contract would be more than triple the largest in franchise history.  And the deal would be struck with Scott Boras.  Not happening.  The Cubs I thought had a good chance earlier this year, but not so much anymore.  If the ownership situation is thwarting a Carlos Zambrano extension and even a minor Jacque Jones dump trade, I wouldn’t expect it to get resolved in time to hand out a contract that will dwarf even Alfonso Soriano‘s. 

I like the Giants more than 50-1, if Barry Bonds leaves but the team retains a win-now mentality.  Barry Zito might not be able to serve as the face of the franchise, after all.  To be fair, we are only 1/14 through Zito’s contract right now.  And the Red Sox with better odds than the Yankees seems questionable.

Some additional possible A-Rod destinations:

  • Rangers: I find this idea absurd, but it did appear in print today.
  • Blue Jays: He’d probably play shortstop in Toronto.  Some money will come off the books this winter, but many salaries escalate by several million for ’08 as well.  We have seen Ricciardi make free agent splashes, and he could keep Rodriguez away from the Yankees and Red Sox.  Toronto’s $82MM payroll entering ’07 was their highest ever.
  • Orioles: Same AL East motivation, plus a way to renew fan interest.  And the newfound tolerance of Scott Boras.  Ken Rosenthal mentioned in April that the O’s might make an offer.
  • Phillies: The Phils could have almost $30MM come off the books for ’08.
  • Diamondbacks: They’ve expressed interest in trading for Rodriguez in the past. Josh Byrnes and Co. haven’t made a signing like this yet, but it could represent the next phase in their plan as their young team keeps getting stronger.
  • Indians: They’ve inquired about a trade as well, but I really can’t see this happening.  Maybe if the Tribe wins the World Series.

We could probably throw a couple more teams in there but that’s the field as I see it.

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