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Red Sox Sign Brady Clark

The Red Sox just signed outfielder Brady Clark, per WEEI.  That probably puts them out of the Bobby Kielty sweepstakes.  Excitement!  Clark, a righthanded hitter, might be able to draw a few walks and play all three outfield positions.

Slightly more interesting is that this may portend a trade of Wily Mo Pena soon.  Pirates, White Sox, somewhere else?


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Who the phuck is Brady Clark?

Alot of people seem to not know who he is. Why? He is a lifetime .277 hitter, and has played for the Reds, Dodgers, and Brewers. He is best known as the Brewers leadoff hitter a few years back. He is a nice solid backup. Nice move Theo.

He's basically the anti-Pena at this point. No real upside, no power whatsoever, but an experienced and versatile defensive OF.

im sure theo believs that clark is a better hitter at this point penas been horrid at the plate lately and howd the redsox sign him was he a free agent was he DFA id like to know but i hope the sox can get someone usefull for pena

He was DFA'd by the Dodgers on June 10th to make room for James Loney.

It is a minor league deal and he'll be assigned to Pawtucket. This does not stop them from going after Kielty or antother option.

bye bye, Wily Mo. Crowded outfield in Pawtucket. Moss, Murphy, and Ellsbury.

The Padres would be smart to trade for Pena and let him spend the rest of the year getting into a groove with solid AB's at AAA. Then, they can give him a look in spring training next year for RF.

Send over Royce Ring.

I meant LF.

You're missing one thing WestCoastBias. The reason the Red Sox haven't sent him down to AAA and used David Murphy as a 4th OF is that it is in his contract that he can't be sent down.

As a Sox fan if they can send him to a team that can handle his growing pains and is willing to part with a middle reliever I'd be all for it.

"Here's an interesting possible move--while everyone's looking at the Red Sox needs now, maybe they're looking to deal Moneyball-style. If everyone is currently overvalued at the trade deadline, maybe someone coming up will be undervalued. Does a Wily Mo Pena for Andy LaRoche deal make sense? Maybe not at first look, but for me it does. The Dodgers could use the power, and it would free up an outfielder to trade for a reliever like Octavio Dotel."


I cant tell if this his speculation or if there is something to this....remember the Red Sox scouted him a couple of days ago

The reason Wily is as Wily does is that he's out of options. That's why the the teams who are currently playing extended spring training are the only ones that will pick him up, thus diminishing his overall value.


You are on the right track....I still see RED SOX/DODGERS/MARLINS making a huge move. But no Pena to Bluetown

Plus the Dodgers are shedding off outfielders,Clark is the third this month.

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