Rosenthal’s Latest: Blanton, Relievers

Ken Rosenthal’s latest was updated five hours ago.  He probably didn’t sleep.  Let’s catch up before he breaks six more trades.

  • UPDATE: Scratch the Russ Springer stuff below – the Cardinals promised him they would not trade him.  Troy Percival can be had, however.  The Rockies like Percy.
  • The Dodgers made a strong push for Joe Blanton last night but their offer fell short.  However, talks are not completely dead. The Dodgers offered two position players and one pitcher from their minor league stash.  Rosenthal suggests those were among Andy LaRoche, Chin-Lung Hu, Tony Abreu, and Jonathan MeloanMatt Kemp, James Loney, and Jonathan Broxton would not be part of any deal.  Anyway the Dodgers will now turn their focus to relievers, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Colletti re-engage on Blanton in the next seven hours.
  • Rosenthal adds that the Mets and Phillies inquired on Blanton but the A’s preferred L.A’s deep farm system.  But with the Dodger talks cooling maybe one of those teams will jump in.
  • Rosenthal confirms that the Blue Jays will listen on Troy Glaus but doesn’t name any teams that specifically inquired.  He speculates that the Yankees, Rangers, Angels, and Astros might want him.  Aren’t the Texas teams supposed to be sellers?
  • Plenty of relievers can be had: Scott Proctor, Kyle Farnsworth, Chad Cordero, Jon Rauch, Russ Springer, Troy Percival, Chad Qualls, Brad Lidge, Al Reyes, Dan Wheeler, and Brian Fuentes.  Fuentes is still on the DL for a strained lat, however.  And we know the Cardinals want to accomodate Springer and his son.  Rosenthal names the Mets, Phillies, Tigers, Indians, and Rockies as teams looking for relievers. 
  • The Mariners, Red Sox, Rockies, and Phillies like Qualls.
  • The Mariners seem focused on Wheeler and Reyes of the Devil Rays.
  • The Padres want Mike Lamb from the Astros a lot more than they want Mark Loretta.
  • The Twins don’t have much interest in Morgan Ensberg (described as minimal), but they could compete with the Tigers for Clint Barmes.  Ah, yet another blockbuster for the Twins.

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