Does Johan Santana Want Out?

Johan Santana‘s comments yesterday caused a stir.  He was upset that the Twins made no acquisitions, and doesn’t seem to think management is trying to win.  It certainly sounds like he wants out or expects to leave.

Does that mean it’s time to start up the rumor mill for all of the large-market teams looking for pitching this winter?  I don’t think so.  It sounds like Santana would waive his no-trade clause, but would the Twins really trade him?  Trading the best pitcher in baseball is a huge concession no matter what the return, and I can’t see the Twins giving up on 2008.

More likely they’ll make their usual patchwork acquisitions this winter.  Maybe make a lowball contract offer to Santana before the season starts, and then watch him leave for the biggest payday a pitcher has ever seen.

Of course, it’s still fun to speculate.  It would be cool to see a stacked team like the Devil Rays or Diamondbacks to make a run at him this winter instead of the usual Yankees, Red Sox, etc.

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