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Inspired by this post over at ProBlogger, I’m going to slip in the occasional post to fill newer readers in on the basics of

First question: why did I start writing this site?  For that we have to backtrack to 2005.  During the early part of that year, I discovered online poker.  This was a time before I lived with the woman who would become my wife, and it was kind of bachelor-ish.  I’d played poker with my buddies regularly but online was different.  It’s addictive and ridiculously fast-paced.  The money seems less real.  There are many debates on whether it’s rigged for new users; I seriously doubt it.  But I won some money early on and was hooked.

I don’t have an addictive personality, but I do love to gamble.  Online poker was really engulfing every second of my free time.  I would eat meals while playing a hand at the computer.  I thought about trying to play at work.  If I made $100 in a day I dreamed about quitting my job.  I only lost a few hundred bucks over the long-term, but regardless it was just a colossal waste of time.

Sometime in June of ’05, a coworker and I were chatting.  He suggested I write a blog about fantasy baseball, because I loved that game and enjoyed writing.  I didn’t even know what a blog was at the time.  Another motivator is that my wife-to-be moved in with me, providing good reason to lay off the online poker and find a reasonable hobby.  So I started up one of those free Google blogs with the aim of writing every day.  I chose the name RotoAuthority after seeing that RotoDoc and RotoGods and RotoWhatever were all taken.

Desiring a more easily typed-in domain name, I switched over to the TypePad blogging service in July.  Here’s my first RotoAuthority post, a fairly arrogant one.  Since the trade deadline was in July, a lot of my fantasy coverage crossed over with the hot stove.  I also began writing (for free) for a site called Addict Fantasy Sports in an effort to get more exposure.  Here’s an example of that.  I did my first Top 50 Free Agents List in October and got some decent linkage to that.

As more and more of my writing on RotoAuthority drifted towards the hot stove, I decided it needed to be kept separate.  I chose a different-looking, cooler black and white TypePad template and kicked things off with a Torii Hunter rumor.  For the name of the site, I just wanted something straightforward and somewhat memorable.  Also I’d learned from my RotoAuthority traffic referrers that "MLB Trade Rumors" or some similar variant is commonly typed into search engines during hot stove season. 

I’d worked pretty hard at promoting RotoAuthority, emailing other bloggers and posting on all kinds of message boards with the link in my signature.  MLBTradeRumors was different.  It just spread virally, getting decent traffic almost instantly.  This site has a broader audience and lends itself to linking more.

Tomorrow we’ll talk a little about the Wild West early days of MLBTR.

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