Could Orioles Void Gibbons’ Contract?

Sean Welsh of the Baltimore Examiner has a source indicating that the Orioles may try to void the remaining two years and $11.9MM on Jay Gibbons‘ contract based on allegations of steroid use. 

While the O’s wouldn’t mind getting out from the lousy contract they signed, it seems highly unlikely.  There’s no precedent for it; the Yankees wanted out of the Giambi contract and failed.  There’s no language in Gibbons’ contract about steroids.  He never failed a test that we know of.  And the original report doesn’t say Gibbons used steroids, just that he received them.

If somehow the Orioles did succeed, perhaps the Blue Jays would look into the same regarding Troy Glaus.  He’ll make $23.5MM over 2008-09 and has a full no-trade clause.  The Angels could try to void the Gary Matthews Jr. contract.  Perhaps if the Mitchell Report names certain players, that will carry enough weight to void contracts.  It’d still be tough to get past the Players Union though.

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