Glavine In ’08 – Undecided

I just read seven articles about Tom Glavine, all brought about by yesterday’s New York Post exclusive from Kevin KernanAs Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog notes, it doesn’t seem necessary to worry about Glavine’s future until after the playoffs.  Nonetheless, here’s where we stand this morning.

  • Mark Hale of the New York Post says the Mets are again interested in signing Glavine if he decides to pitch.  Unlike Kernan’s story yesterday, Hale does not say that Glavine would decline his likely $13MM player option to sign for $12MM.  If he pitches – if – it will again come down to the Mets or Braves.  The Mets are the favorite.  Omar Minaya will wait for Glavine to come to him.
  • Joel Sherman, also for the New York Post, writes that Glavine was exactly what the Braves needed this year.  He thinks the Braves would’ve been in first right now if they’d signed Glavine for the discounted $10MM or whatever.  I agree – Glavine is in general worth about six wins over replacement in a single season, and the Braves have had plenty of replacement level-pitching this year.
  • Roger Rubin of the New York Daily News tosses in the idea of a Roger Clemens "family plan" for Glavine in ’08, where he’s only required to be with the team on days he pitches.
  • David Lennon of Newsday spoke to a Mets official who feels it’s unlikely any extension gets done before the offseason.
  • Don Burke of the Newark Star-Ledger says nothing’s really changed in the Glavine situation.  He also gently chides the Post yesterday for their "breathless" headline.
  • Glavine spoke to Steve Popper of the Bergen Record in double negatives just to increase confusion.
  • Ben Shpigel of the New York Times thinks Omar Minaya would be inclined to decline Glavine’s $13MM option and negotiate something at a lower price.  But everything I’ve read has called it a player option, so I’m not sure if Minaya can do that.  Shpigel thinks that if Glavine pitches, it will "almost certainly be with the Mets."  He also notes Shawn Green musing on his future.  Green’s $10MM option for ’08 will be bought out for $2MM, and the outfielder doesn’t want a utility role if he plays next year.

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