Carlos Silva: Type B Free Agent?

The Twins will most certainly offer arbitration to pitcher Carlos Silva, and he will decline (since he can easily get a three or four-year deal on the open market).  This will entitle the Twins to receive a draft pick or two as compensation.

If Silva ranks in the upper 20% of starting pitchers, he’s a Type A free agent.  If he ranks in the upper 40% but not in the upper 20%, he’s a Type B.  Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press says Silva will be classified as a Type B based on his work in the 2006-07 seasons (he had a 5.01 ERA and 24 wins over that time period).  That means the Twins will gain just a supplemental draft pick for him but the signing team will not lose any picks.

Walters also gives us this gem:

If the Twins can’t re-sign free agent Torii Hunter, plans are to trade, sign a free agent or go in-house to find his center field replacement.

As opposed to what?

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