Elias Rankings Released

This is like Christmas for baseball nerds like me.  The Elias rankings are out – here’s the AL and here’s the NL.

I’ve updated the 2008 MLB Free Agents post to reflect those who are off the market and also added Types.  And here’s a look at which first round picks are protected and which aren’t.

Random thoughts:

  • The Yankees could get nice consolation prizes in the form of first-round picks if they lose Jorge Posada or Mariano Rivera.  For example if the Mets sign Posada the Yankees get their #22 overall pick.  If the Phils sign Rivera the Yanks get their #24 overall pick.
  • Would the Red Sox offer arbitration to Curt Schilling, even if they’re lukewarm about keeping him?  He’s a Type A.
  • If the Mets want to go with the freshly signed Easley at 2B, they can net a pick for Luis Castillo because he’s a Type B and will get a multiyear deal.
  • I believe Tadahito Iguchi cannot be offered arbitration, so his Type A status doesn’t mean much.
  • The Cards may snag a pick by offering arbitration to David Eckstein, if they don’t want to sign him for three years.  He’s a Type B.
  • It would be odd if Mike Lowell and Alex Rodriguez swapped teams, as the Red Sox would nab their rival’s #28 pick and the Yanks would get Boston’s #30. 
  • The Yankees should root for the Mets to sign A-Rod.  That way they get the #22 pick next year and the best player moves out of the league. 
  • Should the Giants offer arbitration to Barry Bonds?  He’s a Type A but they could be stuck with him.
  • The Twins might get a first round pick for Torii Hunter.  The Phils could get one for Aaron Rowand. Both are Type A.
  • The Braves got screwed – Andruw Jones‘ awful season knocked him down to a Type B.
  • The Brewers could win big with two first-round picks and two supplemental picks if they let Francisco Cordero and Scott Linebrink walk and they sign with the right teams.
  • The "bigger" names among starters – Kyle Lohse, Carlos Silva – net no draft picks for the Phils or Twins.  It had been previously suggested that Silva was Type B.

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