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Hunter Interested In Nationals, Braves

MLB.com's Bill Ladson had an exclusive conversation with Torii Hunter tonight.  Nicely done Bill!

Ladson learned that Hunter is interested in playing for the Nationals or Braves because of the large African American populations in D.C. and Atlanta.  Hunter would like to be a leader in the community.  This is an interesting factor to consider when trying to guess Hunter's next destination.  Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Cleveland have large African American populations as well.  However, the Tigers and Indians don't need a center fielder.

Another reason Hunter likes the Nats is the presence of his buddy Dmitri Young.  Dmitri is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Also consider that Hunter said he's thought about playing for his hometown Rangers "a lot a bit."  And the Twins might still make a reasonable four-year offer.  But remember that Hunter has expressed a "burning curiosity" to explore the open market.  He's certainly keeping his options open - it's definitely too early to call this one.  A wrinkle for the Braves besides the money would be losing the 18th overall pick next June to the Twins.


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So far Hunter has said that he wants to stay with the Twins, he wants to go near his Texas home, he wants to play in a large african-american community, and he wants to play for a winner.

This is just posturing to get him on the radar of every team to maximize his contract. Good Luck to him. I just a hope a team with draft pick 16-30 signs him.

Agreed, if the Twins don't sign him, a message to whatever team does; have fun with this prima donna in the press. Us Twins fans know it all too well by now.

A big part of me wants to be done with him, take the picks, and sign Rowand or Cameron. That'd be fine by me at this point.

With the emergence of Jordan Schafer in the Braves farm system, I think we can finally rule out the acquisition of a big ticket centerfielder to replace Andruw Jones. I'm all for giving the job to Gregor Blanco next season; I mean, the kid might not have any power whatsoever, but he'll post a better OPS than Andruw did in 2007 thanks to his impressive OBP and his glove in CF is apparently quite good. You have to remember that the Braves were in the second tier of offensive ballclubs in MLB despite Andruw's pitiful season at the plate and a blackhole at 1B for the majority of the season. They can afford to play Blanco in CF and bat him 8th... they can't afford to throw money at a CF that they may not want as early as September 2008!

While we're at it, Chicago has an enormous African-American population. Houston, Dallas, Miami, Oakland, and Tampa have very sizeable African-American numbers as well. What is Hunter shovelling here?

That they do, but what about % of African Americans? There the cities above have the advantage.

Torii Hunter is interested in cities that will have a large population of green pieces of paper to give him.

I think its obvious that Hunter is just stirring up competition - he doesn't give a rats ass about the makeup of city - not like he is moving into public housing. Just seems odd that not alot of buzz about him throwing race into the equation.

Wonder what reaction would be if roles were reversed. Tom Glavine comes out and says he is interested in playing for Minn because of the large caucasian population. Within 48hrs he is labelled a racist, Rev Al has protests arranged calling for him to be suspended ,Glavine has to hold a press conference to say he was taken out of context, Selig issues a statement saying Glavine does not represent all the goodwill baseball has created with minorities and to improve relations even moreso he enacts the " must interview an african american for all managerial postions rule". Sports illustrated reveals that it was actually Glavine not John Rocker that made the comments that were all the buzz several years ago. To prove he's not racist he re-signs with the mets and moves into LeFrak city.

Um, because most cities in America has mostly Caucasian population? This kind of comment just doesn't work the other way around when it applies to every city.

Torri Hunter is on the same list as Sheffield and Lofton as players who will never play in Atlanta.

Terence Moore might like it, but the Braves don't need a loud-mouth race baiter like Hunter to help team chemistry.

The Braves just don't have a need for a big-name CF like Torii. Signing him would block their best prospect from seeing the bigs anytime in the near future, and I'm sure they can find a suitable 1-yr stopgap until then.

"Hunter is interested in playing for the Nationals or Braves because of the large African American populations in D.C. and Atlanta. Hunter would like to be a leader in the community."

Oh pleeeease!!! What a crock. He's just trying to draw as many teams into the bidding process by saying how he'd love to play there for reasons other than money.

As DentalPlan stated above most large cities have large AA populations. New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta....

How is he going to be a leader in the community? Will he live there year around? Will he marching on city hall for greater access for AA to health care, better education, social services etc.

Hilarious!!! Tom Glavine living in LeFrak City should be a reality TV show. Follow him taking the bus to shea everyday.

Sidenote... So Hunter pretty much ruled out Minn, KC and Cinn, Maybe Arizona?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees how full of crap Hunter is.

"A big part of me wants to be done with him, take the picks, and sign Rowand or Cameron. That'd be fine by me at this point."

Or you can just trade Santana to a team that can package a young center fielder along with others for him. Milledge, Gomez, Kemp, Ellsbury, maybe a Upton or Young if Arizona gets involved, Tabata, Maybin, I would rather fill CF with any of those guys, rather then spending money on an overated guy like Hunter, Rowand, or Cameron. I understand not all of those CF could be had for various reasons, but pretty much any of those guys packaged with 2 to 3 other top prospects to fill holes on your team is better then signing Rowand to 6/86 and then letting Santana walk in a year. You think you can offer a huge contract like that to Rowand and and still sign Santana? If you want to throw around big money, trade Santana and Nathan now, fill CF, 3B, 2B with top quality prospects that you can control for a long time that you can acquire with Nathan and Santana. Kemp, Laroche, and others. Fill CF and 3B with Kemp and Laroche. Trade Nathan for a 2B. Then throw big money at CC Sabathia and steal him away from Cleveland in a year.

Hunter to Texas is a lock imo.

I didn't say anything about that because IMO, the Twins can, should and WILL re-sign Santana. I'd put the chances of that at better than 50-50 in fact.

i admit that i was one of the 1st guys to jump on the jordan schafer bandwagon (now that he is officially the braves #1 prospect). however, he has only had 1 successful year in A ball. how can that be deemed an "emergence"? unless he shoots through the minors like furcal and andruw, he wont see the major league playing field for 3-4 more years. his first 2 offensive years were subpar, and he improved significantly in 2007. saying we dont need a 2-3 year solution in center field might not be true. only time will tell, but our #1 prospect in all the braves system has had 1 year of success in low minors ball. that's sad.


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