Koskie to Return as Free Agent

Here’s a feel good story from The Star Tribune:  Third baseman Corey Koskie has fully recovered from the post-concussion syndrome that sidelined him for half of the 2006 and the entirety of the 2007 seasons.  Doom and gloom loomed earlier this month as the Brewers declined his $6.5MM option and retirement seemed a legitimate possibility for the big Canadian.

Koskie has recovered from his persistent headaches and can be considered an official free agent in the weak 2008 third base market at the moment consisting of Pedro Feliz, Mike Lamb, and Mike Lowell.

The 34 year old hasn’t played 100 games in any of the last 3 seasons; however, he still displays 20 HR power when active.  That production potential alone makes him a decent 1-year bargain option to be had for conceivably around $4-5MM.

Posted by Nat Boyle

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