More On Free Agent Draft Pick Compensation

I’ve always felt that my knowledge of Type A/B free agents and the accompanying draft pick compensation was lacking.  I’ll try to do a better job this year keeping up with the vagaries of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

I was reminded today that the first 15 picks in 2008’s draft are protected.  That means those 15 teams can sign Type A free agents (pretty much the best ones) and at worst only lose their second-round pick.  Here are the first 15 teams drafting in ’08:

1. Devil Rays
2. Pirates
3. Royals
4. Orioles
5. Giants
6. Marlins
7. Reds
8. White Sox
9. Nationals
10. Astros
11. Rangers
12. Athletics
13. Cardinals
14. Twins
15. Dodgers

That should make Dodgers fans feel much better about their season.  They could’ve easily missed the cutoff and the playoffs.  The Rangers can chase Torii Hunter, the White Sox can chase Aaron Rowand, and the Nats can go after Andruw Jones without risking their picks. 

On the flip side, these clubs are in jeopardy of losing these picks if they sign Type A guys:

16. Brewers
17. Blue Jays
18. Braves
19. Cubs
20. Mariners
21. Tigers
22. Mets
23. Padres
24. Phillies
25. Rockies
26. Diamondbacks
27. Angels
28. Yankees
29. Indians
30. Red Sox

So there’s an added disadvantage for the Phillies to sign Mike Lowell.  Maybe the Braves think twice about Mike Cameron.  And this will definitely be a consideration before any of these clubs splurge on Scott Linebrink

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