Schilling Open To Phillies

We learned yesterday that the Phillies have already had internal discussions about bringing in Curt Schilling.  Schilling was asked about the possibility yesterday, and confirmed that Philly is on his "short list" assuming they’d want him back.

Schilling might be one of the few free agent buys this winter that actually works out.  He turns 41 soon, so health is obviously a concern.  With a 4.4 K/BB in 151 innings, his command is as amazing as ever.  The commitment would be low-risk, probably one year at $15-16MM.  And switching from the AL East to the NL – what pitcher wouldn’t love that?  Just ask Ted Lilly.  If Schilling and Cole Hamels could combine for 360 innings next year, the Phils would be in great shape.

Here’s the problem: the Phillies supposedly have $20MM to burn.  Give a minimum $13MM of it to Schilling, and you fall short on Mike Lowell by at least $4MM.  If the budget is truly that strict, perhaps this can be solved with backloading for Lowell.  Keep in mind that both players’ first choice is still Boston. 

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