$350MM Just To Meet With A-Rod

Buster Olney has the scoop: Scott Boras told the Yankees that just to get in the door with Alex Rodriguez, they’d have to extend his current contract to reach $350MM over ten years.

It sounds like Boras placed a premium on the Yankees getting exclusive negotiating rights with his superstar.  Or maybe Rodriguez truly had no desire to return and they set the bar incredibly high for that reason.  It’s fair now to say that the Yankees’ decision not to have further talks with Rodriguez was much more financial than emotional.

I can almost see the final result being a ten-year, $350MM deal, but as a starting point for negotiation?  That seems unreasonable.  We’re still trying to stomach the idea of a $30MM player.  But it was heroic of A-Rod to save us from a dull October (MLBTR’s own Nat Boyle was sort of quoted in this article!)

Olney also has a source indicating that the Dodgers will probably pass on Rodriguez.

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