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Cafardo's Latest: Drew, Pettitte, Lincecum

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo works his way through all the teams in anticipation of Monday's GM meetings.  Here are some of the rumors we haven't seen much before.

  • The Rays want a defensive-minded shortstop and veteran starter.  Maybe they'll make a play for Cesar Izturis or Omar Vizquel.  A rehab guy like Freddy Garcia or Randy Wolf could be interesting.
  • The Indians are looking for a power bat for left field.  Haven't seen them mentioned with Barry Bonds at all, could that work?
  • Cafardo proposes the idea of the Cubs acquiring J.D. Drew as their OBP-minded right field acquisition.  Drew has a limited no-trade clause allowing him to block two unknown teams.  I imagine the Red Sox would have to eat some salary.
  • Cafardo also speculates that Andy Pettitte could follow Joe Torre to L.A.  Pettitte has previously talked about a Yankees or retirement stance.
  • The idea of the Giants trading Tim Lincecum seemed crazy at first, right?  Cafardo says they may be willing to do so for a "stud outfielder."  How about Delmon Young
  • Scott Boras is already busting out mystery teams with A-Rod, who apparently would love to play for the Red Sox.


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Defensive minded SS, eh?

Any chance Bobby Crosby qualifies?

Good upside on the bat when healthy. Should be pretty cheap as well.

Lincecum for a stud OF? What about for Milledge and I'd even throw in Heilman. lol

If the giants were really wanting to make a splash, you figure that they would attempt to find a suitor for lowry first. I guess they value cain over lincecum, which does not seem to make sense to me. Both Cain and Lincecum have multiple cy young talent, but i still think Lincecum has better pure stuff. Just does not make too much sense.

agreed and makes you wonder if they know something we dont.

Francouer for Linecum seems fair. what are your thoughts on that trade.

Braves have extreme depth at the OF posistion and love young pitchers

I was thinking about that myself derrick, and it actually seems to make great sense, but i do not think the braves are going to trade away francouer, too much talent in terms of a future middle of the order hitter, and he also plays every day, and will be a great answer to our outfield question over the next few years, mainly because right now, it is very unclear whom the other two outfielders would be,

Then again, i would hate to see francouer or mccann go, and would almost in no situation suggest trading either one of them, but if the return for either one of them was lincecum, it would not take be long to get over the disappointment

why, OH WHY, would alex rodriguez WANT to come to boston. 99.9 percent of people in this city hate him with a burning passion, never mind he will account for 1/3 of the team payroll every year until my first child is born in about 12 years from now, scary when i think of it like that...god, its like he is doing it to piss the sox fans off on purpose

could any cubbies fans tell me what the sox could get for jd drew?

I think Boras is just saying that to to get the Yankees in on the bidding for ARod. ARod would be sure to get more money if the Yanks are in the bidding than if they were not.

I couldnt care less what Drew brought back. He's got what 4/56 left?

Would the cubs take him @ 4/40?

Plenty of cheaper and/or more talented players to fill that RF spot

Sox don't really "need" anything. I would assume if they dealt Drew it would keep Crisp in CF and put Ellsbury in RF. They would probably ask for a 4th OF, some P perhaps. Maybe Pagan/Wertz/Marshall.Unless they want Murton back. I'd offer Dempster/Murton/Theriot - sox could use dempster as starter or setup, Murton is a nice 4th OF Theriot is handy to have since he plays multiple positions and is a gritty 100% effort type guy. That seems abit low so cubs might have to throw a prospect. I think Drew is worth 4/40 - might go back to his 20 hrs in wrigley and is a big step up from floyd

"When you factor in option years, Boston controls the contracts of leftfielder Manny Ramirez, ace righty Josh Beckett, shortstop Julio Lugo and first baseman Kevin Youkilis through 2010; those of righty Papelbon, Ortiz and rightfielder J.D. Drew through 2011; Matsuzaka, lefty reliever Hideki Okajima, second baseman Dustin Pedroia, lefthander Jon Lester (the Game 4 winner) and righty reliever Manny Delcarmen through 2012; and Ellsbury and future ace righthander Clay Buchholz through 2013."

That's why ARod would be interested in Boston, this team that just won the world series has a very good chance to do it again in the next five years. Arod has everything you would want out of MLB career except the RING. Boston gives him as good a chance as any to get one. Red Sox fans only hate Arod because he was a Yankee. If he opts out as a Ranger instead, Boston fans would love to get Alex. Besides Mike Lowell's .385 BAIP in the second half scares the crap out of me...

MrTwin^^^^^needs to stop with this post..

Actual trade rumor:

Johan Santana for Crisp, Lester, and Bucholtz.

If this happened, Drew would probably have to stay

1. Yes he needs to stop.

2. The Santana rumor was McAdam speculating about what it might take.

in response to kramerica, i'm sry but your wrong, boston fans would not lovew to get a-rod, i was at the parade and exept for yankees suck, don't sign A-rod was probably the 2nd most popular crowd chant, as a sox fan no matter how good he, the've proven they don't need him to win and i'd rather not have to deal with all the sh&* he brings with him

First time post. What does everyone think of a possible Jay Bruce for Tim Lincecum deal. The Giants say they want a stud young hitter, well, there is none better that can be controlled for six years. If not Bruce, what about Hamilton and Encarnacion for Lincecum and maybe Frandsen, or someone who could platoon at third with Keppinger?

If the Red Sox did shop J.D. Drew, I could see them also shopping Crisp and getting in on Fukodome, who they've shown interest in already.

But I don't think they're going to shop Drew. He had a strong September and a great postseason, and looked like the hitter the Sox brass was expecting. And Epstein, Lucchino and Henry have shown willing to be patient with their long-term acquisitions - otherwise they would've shopped Crisp after 2006. Drew was a 5-year commitment, so they might see if he can have a bounceback year in 2008. Even a mild positive adjustment in Drew's numbers would go a long way.

the indians would be wise to use new pirates gm neal huntington as an asset. any thoughts on a straight up trade of cliff lee for jason bay? i think that would be a good deal for both teams. pirates get a good young lefty for a few years and indians get a power hitting left fielder.

I think the Pirates would be smart to have Bay start the season as their left fielder, so he could gain some value back and then trade him. If Bay establishes him self as the slugger he previously was , the Pirates would be able to net a lot more than just Cliff Lee.

"pirates get a good young lefty for a few years"
Number 1, Lee will turn 30 during next season, thats not young.
Number 2, posted 6.29 ERA and was demoted last year, thats not good.

To add to that, a few places where Lincecum could go:
Brewers for Ryan Braun. He's gonna need to be moved to the outfield soon anyways, but he could fill Pedro Feliz's spot for a little while if he needed to. Sheets, Lincecum, Gallardo, Suppan and Bush with Capuano in the bullpen is a scary good rotation
Diamondbacks for Chris Young.
It'd probably take more than Young, like maybe Young and Chad Tracy, but it'd help both teams. The D-Backs need a bonafide pitching prospect, and then they could move Upton to center and use Byrnes, Upton and Quentin and they still have Carlos Gonzalez. Thats pretty good. Meanwhile Young could be considered a "stud outfielder" after hitting 30 hr and Tracy could replace Feliz.
Mariners for Adam Jones.
King Felix and Lincecum at the top of the rotation for the next 10-15 years. That could be scary

Tim I love how you know what you are talking about. That rumor that was brought up by johnbuckformvp is a load of crap. Someone called WEEI in Boston and asked McAdam what it would take to get Santana from the Twins and he gave that answer. When he said this he pointed out he had nothing behind it, and has said several times after the fact that it was just speculation on his part. An yet people still ran with it. For crying out loud...

"i'd rather not have to deal with all the sh&* he brings with him"

Can someone please explain to me the "baggage" he brings because i don't see it...

Jay Bruce for Tim Lincecum?? I highly doubt WK would do this. Why?

Lincecum was passed up by Krivskey in the last draft, taking Drew Stubbs over him. Clearly there was a reason for not taking him, weather its mechanics, or overworked arm, there was a reason. He has the next super-star outfielder hes not going to trade it for someone he could have gotten for nothing a year before.

Hamilton for Lowry maybe. We could definately send them multiple position players. The Giants have some young pitching depth, and the Reds have position player suprplus...

pitching wins championships. I don't care how good Jay Bruce is going to be, a top young pitcher is worth more than a top young hitter. Would you trade Larry Walker (who Bruce is often compared to) for Roy Oswalt at worst (as long as Lincecum stays healthy)?

It is a good point that Krivsky passed over Lincecum, but after seeing the numbers that he has posted against good competition, wouldn't you think that may change his mind?

Granted, I would rather trade Hamilton or Encarnacion, but I just don't think that would land Lincecum.

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