Marlins Toy With Angels, Dodgers

Angels owner Arte Moreno isn’t happy with the way the Marlins dealt with his club on the Miguel Cabrera negotiations.  Twice already the Angels thought they had deals only to have the Marlins come back at the last minute asking for more.  Moreno also believed this happened to the Dodgers and the Fish are playing the two teams off each other. 

None of this seems outside the realm of negotiation; it’s just curious that Moreno went public with it.  Perhaps that’s strategy, his way of telling the Marlins he won’t take any more BS.

Moreno said the Marlins’ demand is four players.  Three of them must be Major Leaguers and two pitchers.  If the Angels are to give up two good young pitchers, they won’t also include both Howie Kendrick and Jeff Mathis.

It hasn’t really been said but it seems like the Cabrera negotiations may stall now unless the Marlins come down a bit.  Or maybe some other dominoes will fall at the Winter Meetings and a team will get desperate.

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