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Rangers Rumors: Rogers, Gagne, Hunter

MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan has some new info regarding the Rangers' plans this offseason.

  • Kenny Rogers has already had three separate stints with the Rangers, the last one ending with the cameraman incident. The Rangers would like to bring him back for a fourth tour, if the price is right.  One emailer speculated that the team also wouldn't mind an apology to management for the incident, also.  Sullivan says the Mariners, Phillies, Dodgers, and Mets may also have Rogers on the radar.  Seems like Ned Colletti is letting bygones be bygones with Scott Boras.  UPDATE: Boras reiterated tonight that the Tigers are Rogers' priority.  He seemingly wants one year and $10MM.
  • The Rangers have interest in another Boras client, Eric Gagne.  I think I read this in ESPN Magazine recently - how about re-signing him and flipping him all over again at the '08 deadline?
  • Owner Tom Hicks and GM Jon Daniels had dinner with Torii Hunter tonight.  I heard they had the roast beef.  The Rangers will make an offer later this week, though they'll have to top whatever the White Sox come up with.
  • The Rangers also want to bring back Jamey Wright for the 'pen.


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Is it safe to say Hunter will be a White Sox or Ranger?

Arby's? Really? Is Tom Hicks who Seinfeld based David Puddy's character on?

Who talks over multi million dollar decisions at an Arbys anyway?

get it done tigers, sign rogers.

Most Dodger fans will tell you, Scott Boras did Colletti a favor by having JD Drew opt out of his contract. It was an awful signing to begin with. Colletti should be mad at himself for replacing Drew with Juan Pierre, one year before there would be plenty of CF free agents to pick from!

I'm guessing the Royals make an offer to Hunter. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a stratospherically ridiculous amount either. Not saying they will land him, but they will certainly try.

Dayton Moore's philosophy lasy winter was to throw $55 million at one pitcher instead of three. They want a right handed bat, and there's not much out there.

My guess is the Rangers outbid the White Sox by $20 million. Rangers will probably be willing to go six years.

Is Torri Hunter worthy of a 6 year deal? By that point his defense will have regressed to the point that he'll no longer be a viable CF option. Hunter is going to come in over-priced anyway. He's likely already peaked.

I am encouraged by what I read regarding the Rangers' rumored interest in Fukudome. I still believe that signing Torii for $15-16M/yr makes little sense. If the Rangers do this they would have $50M committed to 4 players in 2009 (Milwood, Padilla, MYoung and Hunter) - when you add this to raises for younger players, this leaves very little if anything in the budget to add players.

I support a defensive improvement in CF for Texas, but if it's all about defense then I'd rather see Coco Crisp here than Torii. Let the White Sox overpay for him. The market for CFs has lots of available players, but everyday the list of teams looking for a CF grows, so there is enough demand that none of these players is going to come cheap. If the asking price or the bidding for Crisp gets too high, let Murphy or Byrd play there. Then spend the money on Carlos Silva (avg of 193 innings pitched the last 4 years) or Jason Jennings (a potential #2 SP) - SPs who would be cheaper than Hunter, and will/can eat up some innings. The team needs to maintain some budget flexibility to sign players as they hopefully improve in 2009 and 2010. The team also needs a pitcher who can throw more than 140 innings in a season - only one did in 2007.

Signing Hunter does too much damage to payroll flexibility in the future when paired with the monster contract given to MYoung.

don't worry mckeetho - the Rangers will never again sign Rogers, or rather, Rogers has no intention of signing with the Rangers. This is just a ploy to increase what Detroit will pay.

Too many bridges have been burned in Texas, and Rogers would be required to crawl back and throw out apologies like Johnny Appleseed. No chance he does this.

Hunter's bear minimum is 5 years 75 Million, he will likely get 6 years 90 Million. It's way over priced, but it's what you pay for him.

It'll be interesting to see if the Royals dangle DeJesus out there after the CF free agent thing filters out. Some teams are going to lose out and DeJesus is on a good contract.

Why not forgo an expensive vet FA CF'er and instead just wait for Brandon Boggs to get ready and in the meantime tell Byrd to lose 10-15 lbs. to increase his range in CF?

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