Stark’s Latest: Edmonds, Pierre, Guillen, Santana

ESPN’s Jayson Stark always cranks out a bunch of new rumors when he writes a column.  This week is no exception.

  • Jose Reyes: going nowhere.
  • Probably since they hope to include him in a Johan Santana deal, the Red Sox won’t trade Coco Crisp until that situation is resolved.  The Rangers liked Crisp, but are considering interesting alternatives: Rocco Baldelli, Jim Edmonds, and Juan Pierre.  If only Ned Colletti could get someone to take his Pierre contract.  Then he could sign another one almost equally as bad.  Then he could trade Aaron Rowand a year from now and repeat the process.
  • The Braves also liked Crisp, so they’ll move on for now.  Stark speculates a stopgap like Dave Roberts could work.
  • More speculation: Andruw Jones as a darkhorse signing for the Royals.  I guess that would push David DeJesus out of center field.
  • Is there an unmentioned Mystery Team in on Johan Santana?  Stark’s sources suggest the Mariners, but those guys must not read Jon Heyman’s column.  I’ll go with the Reds as my guess on the Mystery Team, if there is one.
  • Speaking of guesses, Stark surmises that the Padres and Mets could be interested in Jose Guillen, aside from the Royals.
  • More rumblings that Vicente Padilla could be traded this winter.  Funny quote about how Padilla doesn’t have baggage – he has luggage.  In fact his luggage cannot be carried, rather it requires a mid-sized cart.

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