Arbitration Decisions

Free agents’ decisions on whether to accept their teams’ offers of arbitration are rolling in.

  • Eric Gagne told the Red Sox that he won’t their offer of arbitration.  The Boras camp had sent signals otherwise, but it was an idle threat.  He wants that multiyear deal or at least a chance to close.  The Red Sox get a delicious sandwich pick for their dalliance with Gagne.  Could’ve been more, if Gagne was lights out for them and snagged Type A status.
  • Mark Loretta accepted; Trever Miller declined.  Loretta should make $3MM+ to take on a utility role.  The Astros could always still trade him to a team looking for second base help.  As for Miller, he could still return.  The Astros will get a sandwich pick if he leaves.
  • Ron Mahay declined the Braves’ offer.  No surprise since he’s looking for three years.  You have to consider their sandwich pick as an added benefit of the Teixeira trade.
  • Aaron Rowand is expected to decline, which is a formality since he’s going to get at least three years.  As a Type A, the Phils probably hope he ends up with the Yankees somehow.

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