Cubs Like Joe Nathan

UPDATE, 12-14-07 at 2:47pm: George Ofman of WSCR radio 670 out of Chicago says the Twins would indeed want Marmol in a deal for Nathan.

FROM 12-13-07 at 11:26pm:

LENIII has just a single-line teaser for us at the end of his column:

The Cubs are interested in trading for closer Joe Nathan if he’s available.

That’s a new one; who knew the Cubs were looking for a closer?  Their deficiences seem to be at shortstop and perhaps in the rotation.  It seems that some combination of Carlos Marmol, Bob Howry, and Kerry Wood can handle the ninth inning.

What would the Cubs have to give up?  I’m drawing a blank trying to find a precedent – an elite closer dealt with one year left before free agency.  Billy Wagner was dealt in the 2003-04 offseason, but he had two seasons left on his deal.  How about Keith Foulke?  The A’s acquired him with one year left; the White Sox received Daylon Holt, Neal Cotts, and Billy Koch.  Maybe the Twins would ask for Marmol plus one more good young player.

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