Dodgers Inquire On Sheets?

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 11:38pm: Baker corrects himself – the Mariners talked to the Brewers, but not about Sheets.

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 9:34pm: Here’s the deal.  Geoff Baker says the West Coast team inquiring on Sheets was the Mariners.  Tom Haudricourt seems positive it was the Dodgers though.  No offer was made; it was just an inquiry.  The Dodgers seemingly don’t need more injury risk though.

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 6:35pm: Tom Haudricourt spoke to Doug Melvin and learned that he has not spoken to any East Coast team about Sheets.  However Haudricourt believes Melvin may have spoken to the Mariners about him.

FROM 12-3-07 at 12:07am:

Interesting stuff from Sean McAdam of The Providence Journal.  McAdam says the Red Sox are eyeing Dan Haren and Ben Sheets as alternatives to Johan Santana.

Haren, we knew about.  Sheets is an intriguing idea though.  Maybe the buzz on him will pick up this week.  Sheets will earn $11MM in 2008, tops among Brewers (Jeff Suppan’s deal gets scary in ’09).  Given Sheets’ injury history and expiring contract, the price for him might be fairly reasonable (say, A.J. Burnett territory).  Sheets had a full no-trade clause for ’07 and may only be traded to eight selected clubs in ’08.

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