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Padres Near Extension With Peavy

This comes as a surprise - the Padres and Jake Peavy are making progress on a three-year contract extension.  Peavy is already set to earn $6.5MM in '08 and $11MM in '09.  Peavy's extension would cover the 2010-12 seasons and be worth $17-17.5MM annually.  You have to commend Peavy for taking a discount.


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good job! lock up ur ace 4 under market value... good job padres

Heh. It's amazing that 17mil can even be considered a discount these days. The Padres are to be commended for coughing that kind of money up for the kid.

you think that extension is good? How good does Becketts 3/30mil extension look?

Theo is a genius sometimes

Great move by the Padres. Peavy is one of only a handful of true aces in the game and at his age, he's not even really in his prime yet.

I knew in his rookie year that this was the next great pitcher. I am actually amazed that the Padres are paying that kind of money to a player. I thought that he would go through the process that Santana is going through now. Prospects are the future. Right now people are giving them up in packs. I would go for the trade. Just look at how the Marlins do this thing over and over and keep getting better and have a very low pay rate total for players. I wonder what they will do with Young when he gets to that point.

This is an awesome move. Rosenthal's article says the extension would START at the end of his current contract - that would lock him up until 2013.

Thats going to be a big discount when santana gets a contract.

This is not good at all, and just plains sucks.

Before you get pissed, my reasoning: Peavy is from alabama and I believe was a braves fan growing up, so I had hoped we might be able to put together a package to get him from the padres or sign him as a FA. With this happening, i guess that is not going to happen now.

With that being said, both the Pads and Peavy should be commended. The Padres seem to be a place where people want to play, and with the nice gesture by peavy on taking an extended discount, it should speak volumes that the Padres know how to treat their players.

And with that being said, maybe peavy is just being smart and staying in one of the best pitcher's park in the game, who knows, but at least he seems to value the game maybe more than the money.............................. oddd.......

"you think that extension is good? How good does Becketts 3/30mil extension look? Theo is a genius sometimes"

I'm a Sox fan, but I have to say that with Beckett, Theo was at least half lucky. He got Beckett that cheap because 1) prices for SP hadn't skyrocketed quite so much yet, and 2) Beckett was struggling at the time. Peavy, on the other hand, just won the Cy Young.

A new article from Will Carrol:http://www.baseballprospectus.com/unfiltered/?p=689

Nothing really 'amazing' in this but some interesting points.

I think this is not only a good move for the Padres, but also a smart one for Peavy. He gets to stay in a pitchers park for 81 games a year, which would help any pitcher. He's a legit Ace, but pitching in that park has to give him a little extra confidence. Good move for both sides if this does get done.

I really wouldnt factor luck into theos signign of beckett , Beckett took a legit discount because he wanted to be in boston , saying something along the lines of " by the time im 30 i'll have made 45 million dollars" or something like that , and that was mid season , where during free agency after the year was done the likes of gil meche got 11m per , and zito got what? 126 over 7? so it was both a good discount on becketts end , and a great move by theo , but not luck , even when he was struggling everyone with any baseball sense at all knew that the beckett they were seeing when he signed the extension wasnt the beckett youd be seeing over over the next 4 years

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