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Brewers Interested In Green, Wilkerson, Feliz

We know Brewers GM Doug Melvin has interest in Mike Cameron, Luis Gonzalez, and Kenny LoftonTom Haudricourt spoke to Melvin today, and learned of some additional free agent options on the radar.

The other possibilities: Shawn Green, Brad Wilkerson, and Pedro Feliz.  Kind of a smattering of uninspiring veterans.  Acquiring Green or Wilkerson would mean Ryan Braun and Bill Hall staying in their current positions.  None of these acquisitions are a slam dunk, even for us armchair GMs.  Melvin told Haudricourt he'd like to resolve the situation soon. 


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I think Melvin had one of the worst offseasons in the majors...what has he been doing thats been good???

I don’t know why everyone is so down on Shawn Green, he could prove to be the value signing of the year. Last year in a season where people routinely laughed at him, he provided a .291/.352/.430 line in an extreme pitchers park. That’s ell-Above Avg BA/Well-Above Avg OBP/Perfectly Avg Slg for the park ~ and very good production overall. Add to it fairly Average fielding and you have yourself an extremely solid bat on the FA market who wont cost you hardly anything as far as cash. If you need a Left-Handed platoon type, this could be a great signing in my eyes.

I'm not sure that Shawn Green would be "a great signing." I don't care about his above-average OBP. There are three kinds of lies...

i'm gonna have to side with darkstar here and say a Shawn Green signing would likely be a good signing. At the very least I think he would be a half decent back of the lineup bat, which is essentially what their left fielder will be doing anyways, unless its Braun. Green could probably pop 15-20 HR and post a OPS in the high 700's. Considering the rest of the their lineup that seems quite satisfactory.

Also, I wouldn't go as far as saying Melvin has had one of the worst offseasons in the majors, but it definately hasn't been one of the best. He overpaid for two relievers, and traded far too much for another two relievers. He also hasn't really filled any of the other holes in their lineup, with the exception of the Kendall signing. Actually now that I think about it, aduncaroo is probably right. I can't think of a genuinely positive move Melvin has made yet. Lets hope it stays that way, because they'll be giving the Cubbies enough of a challenge already.

"He also hasn't really filled any of the other holes in their lineup"

What holes? The infield is set, 2/3 of the outfield is set and even if we don't get another outfielder I would predict Gabe Gross and Joe Dillon to outproduce a Jenkins/Mench platoon in the OBP department which is what the team needs most.

"traded far too much for another two relievers."

Huh? He traded Estrada (who still doesn't have a job) for Mota and two nobodies from our farm system for Torres. How is that "far too much"?

Then take Shawn Green. I guarantee you, he's going to suck the oxygen out of the stadium, and you're going to be stuck with a defense that has Braun at 3rd and Hall in CF. Uninspiring. I thought that the Brewers' offense was good? Then why not fix the defense?


I believe you took my comment way out of context. I am not saying Shawn Green will produce like Albert Pujols or anything here ~ I am saying he could be a great value signing. I’m also not a Brewers fan, and I’m not saying this value is directed to them alone. Shoot, I think Green fits the Cubs desires just as well as probably any other team out there ~ Chicago keeps saying they want more LH hitting depth for the OF and they need OBP as a whole; that’s Green in a nut-shell.

He’s cheap and provides strong OBP skills from the left-side of the plate ~ if my team is in need of that, then I’ll take him on a cheap 1yr deal without question…

Fair enough. I'd sign him as depth; but he's no solution.

If they are dead set on keeping braun at third green would be okay but i think the brewers have enough options with nix and gross to pretty much do the same as green. The brewers are in win now mode they got close and they now basically haev a three year window to really do something. They needed to do something big along the rowan hunter level. I think they kind of blew it here. While those guys both got bad contracts they both will produce well for at least two years and the brewers needed that now. The later years are just a result of taking the chance.

Did I just see a Brewers fan say that Gabe Gross and JOE DILLON are viable options? Joe "32 year old with 112 career major league at bats" Dillon?

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