Dutton On DeJesus/Teahen Trade Value

Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star took home the Rumor Royalty trophy for the Royals.  We did some Q&A as part of the series.  Click here to read the other parts of the Dutton Q&A.

MLBTR: What would you consider a reasonable trade return for David DeJesus?  Does he have more trade value than Mark Teahen?

Dutton:  DeJesus is a proven, reliable player who is under contract for favorable terms through 2011. In other words, he’s a long-term piece in the club’s plans. Not an All-Star but a good player capable of helping any club.

The Royals are willing to trade him because they have a reasonable alternative in Joey Gathright and have two solid CF prospects (Jose Duarte and Derrick Robinson) who played last year in A-ball. But the only way they trade DeJesus is if they get similar value in return — a young, proven, reliable player with a favorable contract.

That could be a No. 3 starter — someone closer to a No. 2 than a No. 4; a corner-position player with some pop; or a long-term fit at catcher. Personally, I don’t see that deal out there at the moment, but the Royals are willing to listen.

DeJesus should have more trade value, right now, than Teahen because he’s much more of a proven commodity. He also has that club-favorable contract. That said, Teahen has more upside. He can play first, third, left, right and even center. He showed an ability to drive the ball in 2006 before experiencing a power dive in 2007.

Teahen has the tools to be an All-Star, but lots of guys with tools never turn them into skills. This is a big year for Teahen. 

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