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Gammons Digs Blogs

Yesterday was a thrill for me - the man himself, Peter Gammons, mentioned MLBTR in his blog.  He mentioned MLBTradeRumors.com under "sites that I never miss" and added "I do not want any psychologist to know how many times a day I go to ESPN.com, Baseball Musings or MLBTradeRumors.com to check updates."  It's a huge honor that the king of baseball hot stove frequents this blog.  Thanks Peter.

Here is a full list of Gammons' favorite blogs; get bookmarking!

Buster Olney's blog
Baseball Musings
Baseball Prospectus
MLB Trade Rumors
The Hardball Times
Baseball America
Boston Sports Media Watch
Baseball Think Factory
The Baseball Analysts
Squawking Baseball
Beyond the Box Score
Dan Agonistes
Minor League Ball
U.S.S. Mariner
Fire Brand of the American League
Athletics Nation
Viva El Birdos
Lone Star Ball
River Ave. Blues
Dodger Thoughts
Bronx Banter
LoHud Yankees Blog
Reds Reporter
Bleed Cubbie Blue
Brew Crew Ball
Baseball's Steroid Era


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I saw Gammon's MLBTR mention yesterday. Even as a longtime visitor of your site, I was thrilled. I can't imagine how you felt.

Congrats Tim. Watch those hit numbers skyrocket.

Someone should teach Gammons how to use RSS.

Congrats, Tim.

Congrats!! Nice to know a great one is also hooked the MLBTR blog. This place is great! Keep up the great work! I check this place at least 20-30 times through out the day.

Congrats! Just to let you know about your global exposure: I'm living in the Netherlands and I'm a daily visitor of your site!

Sweet. We had 123 visits from the Netherlands yesterday, 8th among countries. Spread the word and you could overtake Mexico, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and Japan though.

Congrats. You have the best rumors site i have ever been on and have used it forever.Thanks for your hard work, and it is showing that is really paying off.

Wow, congrats Tim! I hope it pays off for you!

Just curious... how many hits did you get yesterday from Nevis?

I just hope Peter Gammons gives me credit for using any of my brilliant posts ;)

Kudos Tim!

Actually Tim, I'm not sure if you ever caught it but member DropTop mentioned this back on the 14th. It seems Gammons has removed that blog entry and replaced it with this new updated one where his mentioning of the site isnt even as cool this time around. Here is what he had to say last week:

"On a Caribbean beach, it is wonderful not to read or listen to lawyer-speak and lawyer-leak. There are drawbacks, such as no Morning Joe or MLBTradeRumors.com on my BlackBerry, but until we know why there is any reason that Brian McNamee would possibly lie or why Roger Clemens would risk it all by testifying under oath and risk jail time, we need to do a little power-yoga breathing and relax."

Here is where DropTop referenced it that day:

…and I must say ~ kind of surprised you had missed that! What kind of rumor guy are you to miss your own site being mentioned on a Gammons blog? Hehehe… :p

oh never mind ~ check the archives on the 10th of Jan ~ the paragraph I posted is in it...

So thats 2 straight blog entries you were mentioned in ~ you go Tim!

This is my first time commenting but I have to say that I am in the same boat as Gammons. I check this site minimum 3 times a day

Guess you got my message. Well done.

No Boston DirtDogs? I'm surprised, Peter, I thought you loved that one. Great Boston site, even though I'm a Yankee fan I love going to it.

Knowing that Gammons visits this site regularly makes me feel better about the amount of time I spend on this site throughout the day.

Great site Tim. I love it.

Hmm, I don't see Mets Geek or Blastings! Thrilledge anywhere on that list...

Also, what is this about checking the site? Feeds, gentlemen. Feeds.

It would be funny if PJ had FJM as one of his favorites.

Nice work Tim!

Perhaps you could seize the opportunity to contact Gammons for an interview or Q&A for MLBTR.

Congrats and keep doing what made you great!

so this makes me look like NOT such a loser now for visiting 10+ times a day...i dont miss a post.

great site

No mccoveychronicles.com? Greatest SF Giants site out there. Great site Tim. I check it like my life depends on it.

It is fitting that he includes your blog. I just wish he had included Capitol Punishment among those he reads. CP is the top general Nats blog going right now.

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