Mets In Lead For Santana, Yanks Out?

UPDATE, 1-11-08 at 6:45pm: Santana’s agent says he has not demanded that the Twins trade Johan prior to pitchers and catchers reporting.

UPDATE, 1-11-08 at 5:30pm: One source told Ken Rosenthal that the Yanks "are no longer talking to the Twins about Santana."  If that’s true, perhaps Hank will just announce it soon.

UPDATE, 1-11-08 at 3:51pm: Cerrone has a bit more, including a note that Santana and his agents are in lock down.

FROM 1-11-08 at 7:53am:

MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone sums up the latest buzz around the Johan Santana trade talks.  It seems the Mets are in the lead for Santana, proactively trying to find a way to make it work.  They are Santana’s preference, they have the money for him, and they might have the players to get it done.

Cerrone says Santana would like to have this thing wrapped up before pitchers and catchers report, about five weeks from now.

David Lennon of Newsday also checks in on the situation, agreeing with most of Cerrone’s info.  It’s still not completely clear whether the Twins have stopped bringing up Jose Reyes.  Lennon adds that the Mets couldn’t complete the deal just by adding Fernando Martinez, as had been previously reported.  Kevin Kernan says the Mets won’t do a five for one deal, anyway.  There seems to be a lot of conflicting info floating about on this one.

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