Reds Have Preliminary Discussions About Blanton

We’ve heard the rumblings for some time.  Now there’s word from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Fay that the Reds have "had some preliminary discussions with Oakland about right-hander Joe Blanton."  The Reds also made some kind of offer for Erik Bedard, but Fay admits that neither trade is likely to occur.  That’s because the Reds won’t trade Jay Bruce and only want to part with one of Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto, and Joey Votto (though all three are very good prospects).  Note that Billy Beane reportedly wanted Cueto in a Dan Haren deal.

Instead, the Reds are entertaining all sorts of second tier free agents.  Wayne Krivsky runs a tight ship, so it’s tough to narrow down who the Reds have actually talked to.  Fay implies that Livan Hernandez or Jon Lieber could be possibilities.  We do know from previous reports that the Reds have shown interest in Lieber, Runelvys Hernandez, Brett Tomko, Josh Fogg, and David Wells

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