Santana Extension Talk

UPDATE, 1-31-08 at 5:10pm: Jon Heyman says the Mets are offering a six-year, $129MM extension starting with the ’09 season.  Including his ’07 salary that would amount to seven years and $142.25MM.  Santana’s people want to get the total up around $170MM.  Less than 5% of MLBTR readers believe this won’t get done.

UPDATE, 1-31-08 at 11:31am: ESPN’s Jayson Stark says contract talks will spill over onto Friday, the deadline day.  Chances of failing to reach an agreement are "remote."  For now it appears that the Mets want the sixth year as a vesting option and Santana’s people want it guaranteed.

Stark also adds that Kyle Lohse may not be completely out of the picture for the Mets, even if they do sign Santana.

FROM 1-31-08 at 8:54am:

There’s still the little matter of the Mets signing Johan Santana to perhaps the largest deal ever for a pitcher.  Let’s explore.

  • LEN3 said yesterday to expect an extension (starting with 2009) in the range of six years, $130MM.  Remember, Santana is signed for 2008 at $13.25MM.
  • Charley Walters expects a six-year deal worth more than $150MM (which would include a $7MM signing bonus and performance incentives).
  • Sabernomics says Santana might be worth around $138MM over the 2009-14 seasons.
  • What do you think?  Take MLBTR’s Johan Santana extension poll.  Click here to see the results of this poll.

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