Yukinaga Maeda To Throw For MLB Teams

Yukinaga Maeda is a 37 year-old southpaw reliever who was recently released by the Yomiuri Giants.  He hasn’t been any good in Japan lately; Aaron and Jackson of East Windup Chronicle told us:

His ’07 season was marked by a series of call-ups and send-downs, and going on 38 years old, it’s hard to see this guy making a huge contribution.

Nonetheless, Maeda hopes to try his hand at Major League Baseball.  This article (link in Japanese) says he’ll be throwing for multiple MLB teams in the coming days, the Rangers included.  Loyal reader Patrick, who sent this along and translated, told me, "I go back and forth between thinking this guy has a slim chance of making it to an MLB team, and no chance."  What can I say, it’s a slow rumor day for some reason.

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