Theo Epstein WEEI Interview: Crisp, Santana

WEEI recently posted an interesting interview with Red Sox GM Theo Epstein.  Epstein was frank with his answers and didn’t duck questions.  A few points of interest:

  • Epstein observed a "horrible free agent market, bereft of talent."  The one surplus he noted was center field, which he feels resulted in the lack of a trade market for Coco Crisp (the best defensive center fielder in the game last year, according to Epstein).  Epstein said he learned his lesson with Jay Payton and does not want to be forced to trade Crisp as he was Payton.  He won’t deal Crisp from a "position of weakness."  Michael Silverman believes a team will have to have its center fielder significantly injured for a market for Crisp to develop.  Or, a prospect like Felix Pie or Colby Rasmus will have to prove not ready or be traded.
  • As for Johan Santana, the Red Sox were "in it, with limits."  Epstein said he left the Twins with two solid offers, but Bill Smith wanted a package that would’ve been "completely irresponsible."  He felt that Boston’s offer was better than that of the Mets.

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