Odds and Ends: Crede, Rodriguez, Marlins

Just a couple items worth mentioning:

  • Matt Hurst notes Elasticman Scot Shields says "(Heck) yeah" to whether or not the Angels should dish out the big bucks for Francisco Rodriguez, this despite incentives in Shields contract that would kick in should he be transitioned into the closer role.
  • Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times touches in on Joe Crede‘s fate after notching his first homerun of the spring, easing concerns for his surgically repaired back.  Says Cowley, "Crede’s agent, Scott Boras, already has told general manager Ken Williams that they want to explore the market. With Josh Fields waiting in the wings, the Sox are dealing from a position of strength. The Giants are a top suitor."  Scouts were present for Crede’s homerun.
  • Marlins Owner Jeff Loria says payroll is "all going to be a function of the revenues we generate.  If we have a bigger base than we anticipate, that will go back to the payroll."  This from Tom D’Angelo of the Palm Beach Post who add, "When asked if the team could lock up young stars like shortstop Hanley Ramirez for the long term, Loria said: ‘We’re going to look at that going forward.  But we are challenged until we get into that new stadium."  The Marlins payroll this year is just under $20MM.

By Nat Boyle

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