Should The O’s Hang On To Roberts?

Following the Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard trades, most assumed that the next Baltimore player to go would be Brian Roberts. There were conflicting reports yesterday regarding whether or not the Cubs offered 21-year old reliever Jose Ceda, but today it appears that nothing is imminent.

Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun sees no activity either, and offers his opinion that the Orioles may be better off beginning the season with Roberts in the lineup:

The chances of the Orioles obtaining full value for him in trade might actually increase if he gets off to a good start, and the market for him could expand if another contending club suffers a costly injury at second base or at the top of its batting order.

Schmuck also notes that Roberts isn’t exactly blocking anyone’s progress due to Baltimore’s lack of a second base prospect, which is a pretty accurate assessment. Among their list of the top 30 prospects within the Orioles system, Baseball America mentions one middle infielder, shortstop Tyler Henson, who comes in at #22 and is yet to play above Class-A ball.

But the Orioles may be in the market for pitching, especially given the news that 23-year old Adam Loewen had to be pulled from his scheduled start yesterday due to a sore shoulder. Loewen’s 2007 season ended in May following a stress fracture in his elbow.

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