Francisco Cordero Drama

There’s been a little drama unfolding the last few days regarding closer Francisco Cordero‘s defection from Milwaukee to Cincinnati for a difference of $4MM.

According to Brewers GM Doug Melvin, the Crew stretched beyond their comfort zone to offer him four years and $42MM.  Melvin set a deadline for Cordero and his agent Bean Stringfellow on his offer, as he didn’t want to be played.  Stringfellow figured the Brewers were at their limit and never came back to Melvin to see if he’d match the Reds’ $46MM offer.

Cordero himself has a different account; he says Stringfellow did come back to the Brewers to see if they’d match.  Melvin might’ve thought Stringfellow was bluffing about it.  Cordero added that the Brewers passed on a chance to sign him at a discount (both in years and money) during Spring Training of ’07.

But wait, there’s more!  Melvin doesn’t agree with anything Cordero said!  Melvin says he did make a spring offer in the range of three years, $30MM.  Cordero wasn’t interested.  Furthermore, Melvin says Stringfellow suggested that the Reds’ offer was "significantly greater," and that’s why he didn’t try to get ownership to stretch a little beyond $42MM.  Two sides to the story; it seems unlikely that Melvin and Stringfellow will be working together anytime soon.

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