Website Validation – Help Wanted

My apologies for this post; it’s related to the technical aspects of this website rather than baseball.

I am a novice when it comes to website design, validation, optimization, coding…that’s why I use TypePad.  Typically I am able to live in blissful ignorance and just crank out the rumors.  However at this point I don’t feel that the website is functioning correctly.  It needs to be addressed.

Aside from the slow load time, in recent weeks MLBTR has had an error in IE where the page does not display correctly on the first load.  There are probably other issues I don’t even know about.  I am looking for some help optimizing the site and cleaning up the errors.  (This is not related to the redesign nor am I looking for SEO help).  My goal is for the site to load as quickly as possible and to eliminate the error I’ve been seeing recently.

If you have the skills to help out and are interested, please email me at  Experience using TypePad would help.  I am certainly happy to pay for the assistance; we can hammer out the details.  Thanks. 

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