The Starting Pitcher Market

Almost every team needs starting pitching.  Let’s take a look at who’s out there.

  • Bronson Arroyo, Reds.  If Walt Jocketty starts selling off his veterans, he’ll have to listen on Arroyo.  The innings-eating 31 year-old is signed through 2010.
  • Derek Lowe, Dodgers.  Lowe seems to have righted the ship after a five-start stumble.  He’ll be a free agent after the season, but I can’t see Ned Colletti moving Lowe unless the Dodgers fall out of contention.
  • Joe Blanton, A’s.  Like Arroyo, a hittable innings eater.  Also like Arroyo, he’s under team control through 2010. 
  • Livan Hernandez, Twins.  The Twins may want to keep Livan, since they are in the thick of the AL Central race.  You may recall they did not elect to trade Carlos Silva last year.
  • A.J. Burnett, Blue Jays.  His name comes up in trade rumors because of an opt out clause.  If he thinks he can top a two-year, $24MM deal, Burnett will probably elect free agency after the season.  The Jays are currently a contender, so he shouldn’t be available.  Plus, he has a limited no-trade clause.
  • Boof Bonser, Twins.  Recently demoted to the bullpen, Bonser may be expendable (and more desirable than Livan).
  • Brad Penny, Dodgers.  The Dodgers hold an $8.75MM option for ’09 with a $2MM buyout.  Penny has a limited no-trade clause.  He’s pitched terribly lately.
  • C.C. Sabathia, Indians.  Teams would be falling all over themselves to add a true ace, even for two months.  And maybe the acquiring team would try to lock him up.  The Indians are still contending, however.
  • Daniel Cabrera, Orioles.  Has he turned the corner, or should the O’s sell high?  Cabrera is under team control through 2010.
  • Gil Meche, Royals.  Meche is signed through 2011.  I think the Royals should at least shop him around.
  • Greg Maddux, Padres.  Mad Dog has no-trade protection, so it’ll be his call as to whether he wants a trade.
  • Jeremy Bonderman, Nate Robertson, Kenny Rogers, Tigers.  Some have suggested the Tigers will look to move a starter.  They’re not out of the AL Central race, in my opinion.
  • Miguel Batista, Jarrod Washburn, Mariners.  Both vets are signed through ’09.  Both have been lousy.
  • Odalis Perez, Nationals.  Allows too many baserunners, but may be attractive as an innings eater.  Should definitely be available.
  • Randy Wolf, Padres.  If Wolf puts in another strong, healthy month he should be one of Kevin Towers’ more valuable trade chips.
  • Kevin Millwood, Vicente Padilla, Sidney Ponson, Rangers.  The Rangers are only six games out, so don’t start the fire sale yet.  Padilla is signed through ’09, Millwood through ’10.
  • Ben Sheets, Brewers.  The Brewers are only 3.5 games out of the wild card, so trading Sheets (an impending free agent) should not be considered for now.
  • Paul Byrd, Jeremy Sowers, Indians.  Shopping these two made sense before the Jake Westbrook injury.  Pitching surpluses don’t exist!
  • Zack Greinke, Royals.  To trade him, the Royals would probably need a very good, cheap, young MLB-ready hitter.
  • Rich Harden, A’s.  I expect interested teams to see how Harden fares over the next month before getting serious.

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