Bedard Going Nowhere Fast

10:30pm: Riggleman is now saying there is a chance the Ms get Bedard a start in late July against the Rangers.  Regardless, his injury came at a poor time and a trade seems unlikely.

2:30pm: Tightness in Erik Bedard’s left shoulder did not improve over the All-Star break, so the team won’t start him before the July 31st trade deadline in an attempt to showcase him for other teams. "We’re not looking at trying to pitch him before the 31st. The 31st is irrelevant with a guy who’s got a tender arm," Seattle manager Jim Riggleman said.

Bedard will try and play catch Monday and if that goes well, he could throw a bullpen session next week. If it doesn’t go well, it won’t be long before talk of shutting Bedard down for the rest of the season. Trading Adam Jones and George Sherrill for Bedard didn’t look good on paper before the season started, but now it looks like an absolute steal for Baltimore. The Bill Bavasi era will not be remembered fondly.

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