Giants Like Adrian Beltre

According to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Giants like Adrian Beltre, believing he would thrive in the more fastball-oriented National League, but a source said they have not exchanged names with the Mariners.

Schulman explains that Giants GM Brian Sabean is open to acquiring players who can help in 2009.  Hank Blalock was also on the radar, but now he’s back on the DL.  The Rangers told a white lie to the public regarding Blalock’s injury earlier this week.  The Rangers had their eye on Jonathan Sanchez, but I doubt the Giants would’ve entertained a one-for-one swap even for a healthy Blalock.

The Giants could also try the free agent market this winter.  Available third basemen include Casey Blake, Joe Crede, and Dallas McPherson.

The Marlins seemingly would swap first baseman Mike Jacobs for catcher Bengie Molina, but the Giants aren’t interested.  They’re also reluctant to trade lefty Jack Taschner, who is under team control through 2011.

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