Jarrod Washburn Rumors: Monday

8:44pm: The Mariners aren’t amused with the Yankees, blaming them for the way negotiations have been portrayed publicly.

4:18pm: Media drama?  On the Seattle side, Larry LaRue says "arrogant New York writers" and the "near hysteria of the internet and blogs in late July" caused some to believe the Yankees were close to getting Washburn for nothing.  LaRue believes GM Lee Pelekoudas "has probably talked to 20 other teams, too."

On the New York side, Peter Abraham says the Yankees are the lone team interested in Washburn, and the idea of Seattle having leverage is "a bit comical."

12:05pm: Geoff Baker believes the Mariners have some leverage in this situation.  He believes that if the Yankees are only offering salary relief, the Ms can afford to wait until August or the offseason.

8:31am: Jarrod Washburn remains a Mariner, but Kat O’Brien of Newsday has the latest on trade talks with the Yankees.

The Yankees still don’t want to send more than a middling prospect for Washburn.  Meanwhile, the Ms hope Hank Steinbrenner will demand Brian Cashman acquire the pitcher, even if it means trading Melky Cabrera or Brett GardnerJoel Sherman describes the situation as a game of chicken between the Yankees and Mariners.

On the catching front, the Yanks asked the Rangers about Gerald Laird and Jarrod Saltalamacchia but didn’t get anywhere.

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