Jarrod Washburn Rumors

3:09pm: Jayson Stark says the Yankees view Washburn as a salary dump, and won’t include even low-level prospects unless the Mariners eat money or take Igawa.

1:27pm: Peter Abraham says the Yankees are trying a new way to get Washburn.  Neither Abraham nor Geoff Baker believes Washburn’s no-trade clause will be an issue or something the Yankees would compensate for.

9:59am: SI.com’s Jon Heyman says Seattle’s request of Cabrera and Gardner for Washburn is "a non-starter for the Yankees."

FRIDAY, 9:21am: Joel Sherman says Igawa is not part of the Washburn discussions.

THURSDAY, 5:36pm: According to Ed Price of the Newark Star-Ledger, talks have progressed on a possible Washburn-Yankees trade.  Price says the Ms aren’t sold on Kei Igawa, but the Yankees are willing to discuss Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner.

4:56pm: This is a bit out of order, since Abraham’s info below actually came out after this Seattle PI column from John Hickey.

Hickey says the Yankees, Cardinals, White Sox, and possibly Brewers have talked to the Mariners about Washburn.  The pitcher’s no-trade clause allows him to block a deal to the Yankees but not the Cards or Sox.  He seems willing to waive the clause, anyway.

11:12am: According to Peter Abraham:

One trade the Yankees could make now if they wanted would be Kei Igawa and a B-level prospect to Seattle for LHP Jarrod Washburn and DH/1B Jose Vidro. The Yankees would take on $16 million (plus a $500,000 buyout for Vidro) while shedding the $9.4 million owed to Igawa. 

So for roughly $7.1 million, you get Washburn for this year and next and Vidro for this season. Washburn would likely want something to waive his no-trade clause, which includes the Yankees.

I agree with Abraham – that seems pretty reasonable.  As he says, you can just DFA Vidro.  Washburn alone is worth it, as long as the prospect isn’t anyone special and he doesn’t demand a ton for the no-trade compensation.

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