Rosenthal and Fuentes Q&A

Ken Rosenthal sat down for a Q&A session with Rockies’ closer Brian Fuentes in light of all the recent trade speculation. Some highlights:

On being mentioned in trade rumors:

…Now that I’m going into my sixth year and free agency, it seems like it’s coming up more. You hear a lot of speculation, a lot of rumors. It’s hard to tell what’s true. I know there’s a lot of posturing going on among the GMs.

On possibly receiving a warm reception if he does indeed get traded (ala C.C. Sabathia):

(chuckling) I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. They gave CC a standing ovation when he came out and played catch. It was pretty amazing.

On his approach to free agency:

I knew going into free agency that I wanted to have a really good year. I also knew I’d be setting up. My main objective was to close. I feel I can close in Colorado or anywhere else. But it’s not my choice.

On talking about trade rumors with his teammates:

It’s almost like a running joke. We all know there’s nothing we can do about it. There’s speculation they might want to move Matt, (Yorvit) Torrealba, Willy Taveras, myself. We joke about it. It’s a relaxed atmosphere in the clubhouse.

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