Gagne, Riske, Weathers Clear Waivers

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Eric Gagne, David Riske, and David Weathers have cleared waivers.  Three more for the list.  Since they’ve cleared, these relievers can now be traded to any team.

Gagne is the least surprising; he’s been awful and is still owed more than $2MM.  Riske is owed almost $10MM more through 2010, so that’s understandable.  Weathers is a big surprise though – he’s owed only $610K and has a 2.52 ERA since the beginning of June.  All the contenders, including the Mets, Twins, Phillies, and Cardinals, decided not to make a claim on Weathers?  Can’t explain it.

Sherman brings up these names in the context of the Mets’ tattered bullpen.  He says the Mets are "claiming relievers like mad" but no one good is likely to fall to them. 

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