Hank Willing To Sign Top Starter For ’09

I am not a fan of the way all of Hank Steinbrenner’s public comments are considered newsworthy.  However, it’s a slow morning so I’ll dutifully link to his comments to the AP yesterday.

Hank seems focused on ’09, which is reasonable given the Yankees’ slim chance of making the playoffs this year.  He expressed his willingness to sign a "top veteran pitcher."  Based on chats with fans, I get the impression they’re expecting C.C. Sabathia or Ben Sheets, plus new contracts for Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina.  If Brian Cashman sticks around, I think he will have to get on board with this idea.  It also wouldn’t be surprising to see Ian Kennedy traded this winter, if he really is turning into Kei Igawa.

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