Heyman’s Latest: Lucchino, Manny, Rangers

I wanted to let the Dunn trade cool off a bit before diving into Jon Heyman’s latest.

  • Heyman "people in high places in baseball" who believe Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino might leave after the season, possibly for the Dodgers.  He’s still butting heads with Theo Epstein apparently.
  • Heyman doesn’t buy the idea that Scott Boras orchestrated Manny Ramirez‘s departure from Boston.  He also doesn’t buy the idea of Ramirez playing in New York.
  • Nolan Ryan would like Tom Hicks to sell the Rangers to him, but Hicks has shown no willingness to do so.
  • Players such as George Sherrill, Brian Fuentes, and Raul Ibanez are not expected to clear waivers.  No surprise there.

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