Phillies Come Up Empty At Deadline

Phillies GM Pat Gillick wanted to pick up one more starting pitcher, a lefthanded reliever, and maybe a hitter (Manny Ramirez) before yesterday’s deadline, but he did not make a deal. 

Gillick told Todd Zolecki of the Philadelphia Inquirer that he was close on a three-team deal that would’ve brought a #4-type starter to the Phillies.  He had an agreement with one of the other two teams.  Gillick believes this mystery starter will not clear waivers this month.  It’s unclear who the starter would’ve replaced, since Gillick already picked up Joe Blanton.  Maybe Brett Myers was in the failed deal.

Tossing out a few #4-type starters who may have been available: Tim Redding, Odalis Perez, Jason Marquis, Jarrod Washburn, Paul Byrd, Josh Fogg, and Livan Hernandez.  Which is these pitchers wouldn’t make it through waivers?  Perhaps Redding, Perez, and Fogg on account of their low salaries.  Doesn’t seem like Gillick would’ve needed to involve a third team to get any of them though.  Anyone have any guesses?

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