Royals Sign Melville

FRIDAY: Sam Mellinger says the deal is done.  Mellinger has some scouts’ views of Melville on his blog.  Now the Royals can focus on their other high school draft pick, Eric Hosmer.

THURSDAY: According to Joe Lyons of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Royals are close to a deal with fourth-round pick Tim Melville.  The high school pitcher said the contract was sent to the commissioner’s office; he just has to sign it.  Typically I have only posted about first-rounders on MLBTR, but Melville is seen as a first-round talent who slipped due to financial demands (he may receive about $1.5MM).

Signing Melville will soften the blow if the Royals are unable to sign first round pick Eric Hosmer.  Hosmer is advised by Boras, so that one is expected to go down to the wire.  Sam Mellinger is getting positive vibes on a Hosmer deal, but it’s no sure thing.  Jonathan Mayo thinks it will get done.

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