Trade Deadline Reactions

Trade deadline reactions are all over the web today, as you might expect.  Keep checking back to this thread – I will continually add to it.

  • ESPN’s Jayson Stark provides his winners and losers.’s Jon Heyman does the same here.  Seems like there’s some debate on the Red Sox.  Both journalists agree on the Pirates, Marlins and Rays as losers and the Dodgers and Yankees as winners.  Ken Rosenthal sees the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Pirates all as winners. 
  • Keith Law has been analyzing every trade for ESPN.
  • Deadspin opines on Jon Heyman’s apparent scoop of the Manny trade over ESPN.  To be fair, though, ESPN scooped the Mark Teixeira and Ivan Rodriguez trades.  Ken Rosenthal at FOX had the Ken Griffey Jr. scoop.  And all three big guys were careful about putting out bad information, which can’t be said for every outlet.
  • South Side Sox doesn’t like the Ken Griffey Jr. acquisition.  Sox Machine insists Griffey cannot play center field.
  • Ken Davidoff’s winners and losers.  You have to give him credit for standing alone and calling the Yankees losers.
  • Joel Sherman brings us inside the whirlwind trade talks yesterday between the Red Sox, Pirates, Dodgers, and Marlins.  The Marlins were willing to trade Jeremy Hermida and then some for a couple of months of Manny…something to keep in mind.
  • David Lennon discusses the high prices being asked of the Mets for Manny Ramirez and Jason Bay.
  • Every year around this time, there’s some pining for "trade rumor batting averages" for each journalist.  I don’t believe this can be done.  We might be able to keep track of those who jumped the gun with "done deals," or those who snagged scoops.  But if a journalist says ten teams are interested in Brian Fuentes but the pitcher stays put, that journalist may have been 100% accurate.  We will never have perfect information.  I don’t buy the lazy line that writers make stuff up or 99% of rumors are untrue.  I believe that journalists claiming inside information actually did hear it from someone inside the game.  Keep in mind that execs can put bad info into circulation too.

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